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Elite Concrete Sealer

Residential driveways, patios, warehouses and light industrial buildings will benefit from applying concrete sealer.
Concrete sealer is excellent for interior applications with no solvent fumes and does not have the flammable hazards of conventional solvent based products.
By applying 2 coats of Aquaseal HD, a colour enhancement not usually seen with water based sealers gives an attractive lift especially to coloured concrete surfaces.

  • Excellent for Interior and Exterior coating.
  • Waterbased, easy to use.
  • No solvent fumes or flammable hazards.
  • Low VOC.
  • Can be sprayed, brushed or applied by roller.
  • Quick drying.
  • Fast water resistance – within 2 hours.
  • Gloss finish.
  • Enhances surfaces.
  • Hot tyre resistant.
  • Chemical resistant – oils, greases, alkali.
  • Resists discoloration from dirt and spills.
  • UV resistant – non yellowing.
  • Provides a dust free surface.
  • Coverage: 8-10sq. metres per litre approx per coat dependant on porosity of concrete or pavers.

Available in Gloss and Matt finish.


Degreaser for making cleaning easier is available in the cleaning section.
Application of Product
  • Apply to dry or slightly damp area, dust free concrete surfaces only, caution On new concrete, best to allow 21 days curing prior to sealing.
  • Acid wash area in particuliar smooth concrete for better adhesion.
  • Two coats recommended for optimum effect.
  • Can be low pressure sprayed, brushed or applied by good quality roller.
  • Application must not be too thick as excessive build up may cause the Coating to appear milky.
  • Allow 24-48 hours to cure.
  • Do not apply when temperature of concrete is below 10ºC.
  • Do not apply if rain is imminent.
  • Pedestrian traffic allowed after 24 hours.
  • Allow 5-7 days before vehicular traffic access.
  • Clean up equipment with water immediately after use.
  • Allow full cure of Aquaseal before performing any cutting. 5-7 days minimum.
  • Do not apply when temperature of concrete is below 10ºC.
  • Temperature of Concrete or area should be between 10 - 29 Degrees Celsius.
  • Two thin coats will last longer than thick coats.

  • Cleaning of equipment

Clean tools with water before material dries

Pictures of colours are for illustrative purposes only.

Colours may vary from how they appear on our website and should be taken as a guide only.

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