Concrete Sealer Colour Kit Bluestone – Gloss 21 litres

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* Excellent for Interior and Exterior use
* Water based, easy to use

* Low VOC
* Can be sprayed, brushed or applied by roller
* Quick drying
* Non Blushing
* Fast water resistance * within 2 hours
* Enhances/darkens surfaces
* Can be applied to damp surfaces
* Can be applied wet on wet
* Hard wearing surface resistant to abrasion
* Hot tyre resistant
* Chemical resistant * oils, greases, alkali
* Resists discoloration from dirt and spills
* UV resistant * non yellowing
* Provides a dust free surface

* 8-10m2 per litre, this is variable on application and porosity of the surface.

We recommend applying 2 coats of Concrete Sealer for optimum effect, but the
application must not be too thick as excessive build up may cause the coating to appear
milky when subjected to ponding. This effect will disappear when the coating dries
Apply to dry, dust free concrete surfaces only, caution on new concrete,
best to allow 5-7 days curing prior to sealing
* Surface can be damp but not wet
* Two coats recommended for optimum effect
* Can be applied wet on wet
* Apply with low pressure sprayer or good quality roller
* Dry Time – 40-60 minutes dependant on weather conditions
* Allow 24-48 hours to cure
* Do not apply when surface temperatures are below 10ºC
* Do not apply if rain is imminent
* Fast water resistance – within 2 hours
* Enhances colour
* Hot Tyre resistant
* Hard wearing and chemical resistant – oils, grease, alkali
* Allow full cure of Sealer before performing any cutting 5-7 days minimum
Clean up equipment with water immediately after use

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